Why you should pursue MA Psychology?

Having a deep acquaintance with human behaviour is known as psychology. The contribution of psychology is vital for the treatment of various mental health problems. So, students that are interested in having an advanced understanding of human behaviour and want to make a career in the field of psychology can opt for an MA with psychology degree.

Therefore, below you will read about the course details of an MA with psychology degree. Additionally, you will know what the opportunities are for jobs with MA degree.

About MA in psychology degree-

MA or Master of Arts in Psychology degree is a postgraduate course in the arts discipline. The duration of the degree program is usually two years. In MA with psychology program imparts students with insight into human behaviour both theoretically and practically. Therefore, MA in psychology graduate students get plenty of career options in the field of psychology.

Additionally, there are many MA psychology best colleges in India that offer MA in psychology degree programs. Hence, undergraduate students can apply at any UGC-approved institute to accumulate their master degree in psychology. 

Also, students can pursue their MA in either regular or distance mode. Therefore, students can enrol in an MA psychology distance education college to complete this course in distance mode.

Eligibility parameters to pursue a degree in MA psychology-

Though the eligibility criteria differ from one college to the next, there are some basic requirements that are shared by almost every college/institute. Hence, the basic eligibility parameters are as follows-

  • Students can enrol in this program once they attain their bachelor’s degree from any UGC-accredited college or institution. 
  • Also, students have to score a minimum passing marks in undergrad degree programs.
  • Bachelor graduate students in any stream are eligible to opt for this degree. However, there are some colleges that give admission only to undergraduate students in psychology.

Subjects in the curriculum of MA in psychology degree-

The two year curriculum of an MA in psychology degree is classified into four semesters. Hence, below is mentioned the semester-wise syllabus of the MA psychology degree-

  • Semester first

In the first semester, students learn the subjects such as Emotions in Everyday Life, Applied Psychometry, Cognitive Process, Neuropsychology, and Paradigms of Psychology.

  • Semester second

The second semester consists of subjects- Basic Organisational Processes, Statistics and Experimental Design, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Applied Developmental Psychology and social psychology.

  • Semester third

Group Process in organisations, Indian Psychology and its Applications, Self Inpsychoanalytic Thought, Multivariate Technique, Training and Development, Positive Psychology, Development of Theories of Mind, and Listening and Communicating.

  • Semester fourth

In the fourth or last semester students learn the subjects such as Human Resource Practises, A Psycho-Social Understanding, Cognitive Development during Infancy and early childhood, Development of Social Psychology, Appreciating Diversity, Organisational Development and Change, Psychology of Advertising, and Psychology at the Margins.

Career prospects of the MA in pschology grduates-

There is a diverse area of jobs in MA psychology degree holders. Also, MA in psychology is a prestigious degree, and MA psychology graduates get a plethora of job opportunities. So, some of the job profiles are as follows-

  • Psychologist
  • Youth Care Specialist
  • Lecturer/Teacher
  • Adoption Services Director
  • Youth Development Manager
  • Mental Health Counsellor
  • Alcohol and Drug Counsellor, amongst others

Apart from that, students have career options in both the private and government sector. Furthermore, candidates also can enrol for a Ph.D degree in psychology to get better lucrative job opportunities.

 What is the need of a Psychologist export in India?

India is a country of multiple disorders including mental disabilities however many people feel ashamed to go to the doctor of mind. To break the stereotypes and to spread awareness among people.


MA psychology is one of the leading courses in India and this course has helped many students to get reputed jobs in hospitals, clinics, government sectors & in schools. Besides, psychology experts help in non-medical treatment like counselongs and observations and more. 

Many private schools demand psychology experts for counselling profiles in schools. This way, a school or college environment can be maintained peacefully and prevent violence against each other. 

You can also apply for PhD courses after obtaining MAsters degree in Psychology and that can lead you to more career options such as government programs in schools & hospitals. Also, this degree can get you a decent job abroad as well that pays you more than India.