Top-notch MBA colleges in India

We all know how in-demand an MBA degree is in society. Of course, it is because of the job security, high salary, and all other bonuses that come with the degree. However, your college plays an essential role in deciding your annual salary package.

Therefore, today we have brought you MBA top colleges in India. So, while answering your frequently asked question, read ahead to make the best out of this article!Moreover, contact us to know a clear path to success plan today. 

What are the top MBA colleges in India?

You will see various colleges that provide MBA degrees. However, with such a specialized degree, you cannot risk your time and money. Therefore, we have an excellent list of MBA top colleges in India. We are dedicated to top-notch quality institutions only so that you get the best value for your money.

The top MBA colleges list is as follows:

  • NMIMS – Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies
  • DY Patil Vidyapeeth Pune
  • IGNOU- Indira Gandhi National Open University
  • Chandigarh University
  • Online Manipal Jaipur,
  • Online Jain University

Which MBA college gives the highest salary?

The colleges that we have listed above will give you the highest packages. However, if you want to know more about the annual packages, make sure you book a free consultation with our experts. Moreover, we will be more than happy to help you with your queries. 

Which type of MBA is in demand?

In an MBA degree, there are a lot of specializations such as Marketing Finance, International Business, Human Resource Operation Management and supply chain management, etc. 

Therefore, all MBA specializations are very much in demand in the market. Moreover, if you wish to specialize in one of the fields, make sure you consult our experts and know their experience before making a final decision. So what are you waiting for? Quickly book a free counseling session with us today.

Which MBA is most valuable?

You see, MBA is one of the most demanding careers in the industry today. Moreover, the specializations it offers are very high paying. Most professionals say that general management is the most popular MBA program. However, to know what suits you the best, book a free consultation with our professionals today. 

We will guide you through the process and help you get into the program with much more return. So head to our official website and drop us a mail.

Who Earns More CA or MBA?

It is one of the most frequently asked questions, so here we are at your service. 

Studies have shown that the average salary of CA in India starts from 7 lakh per annum. However, you can expect a starting salary of 15-18 lakh per annum with an MBA degree. Moreover, we must note that your annual salary will depend on various other factors as well. For example- the company you work for, your experience in the field, and most importantly, the value you bring to the company with your skillset.  

Is distance MBA at IGNOU worth it?

Distance education poses numerous values and opportunities for you. Therefore, a distance MBA at IGNOU is equally beneficial if you wish to pursue MBA while gaining experience full-time. 

Moreover, IGNOU is a UGC-DEB-approved university. Meaning the distance MBA degree at IGNOU and IGNOU post-graduation courses are worldwide recognized and accepted. 

However, we know that the admission process can be tiring. But hey? We are experts in the field! So undoubtedly, we are sure that we can bring value to your admission process while making it a cakewalk for you.

Therefore, book a free consultation with us today and enjoy the benefits for a lifetime. 


In conclusion, we gave you a clear idea of MBA top colleges in India with the salary packages that you can expect. Moreover, IGNOU post-graduation courses and distance MBA at IGNOU act as the cherries on the cake.