IGNOU Admissions – A Golden Guide

Indira Gandhi National Open University is a notable name to be a part of. As its motto goes- People’s University, IGNOU has catered to the necessities of its students with full enthusiasm. The excellence of the institution is very well-known for its distance education programs. Today we are all set to discuss everything you need to know about the IGNOU admission process. 

Stick till the end to know the whole nine yards, ranging from study material to programs and assignments, because we have it all in one place. We want to make sure that IGNOU admissions become a cakewalk for you!

What is the syllabus structure of IGNOU?

The most crucial aspect of any degree is its syllabus structure, for you as students should know what you’ll study. Likewise, the subject areas and their scope are significant aspects of being aware of your degree. 

You can get an exact copy of your syllabus from the official website of IGNOU. Alternatively, you can book a counseling session with us to know more about the detailed IGNOU admission process.  

What type of programs does IGNOU offer?

IGNOU is famous for its distance education programs. The courses or programs that you will find in IGNOU will be the same as any other university. However, you will get an option to pursue your desired degree from a distance or from the comfort of your home. 

For more details, please feel free to contact us anytime and get answers to your queries related to IGNOU admissions, coursework, and so on.  

What does the IGNOU prospectus include?

A prospectus is like a mirror for any institution. Similarly, IGNOU has a prospectus for itself that will answer most of your questions related to IGNOU admissions, IGNOU distance degree, or distance education overall, etc. You can get the IGNOU prospectus from their official website and get a clear idea about your future university!

What is the evaluation process of IGNOU?

The evaluation process of IGNOU is quite well known for its distance students. You will find a ratio of 70:30 for examinations to assignments. Meaning, 70% of marks are accounted for from the examination, while 30% depends on the students’ assignments. Combining both results in the final grade score. 

Moreover, this practice saves time for the distance education students and allows them to continue working simultaneously. It is a significant factor contributing to IGNOU admissions because it attracts the masses to complete their education.

Where can I get my IGNOU date sheet?

For the examinations, IGNOU generally becomes very active from its online portal for the accessibility of students. You can find the date sheet for your course on their online portal very easily. With their prior notifications, students are well-informed about the upcoming activities by the university. Along with the IGNOU admissions as well.

Where can I get my study material following my IGNOU admission?

The significance of study material for any distance or regular student is indeed enormous. The reading material is their only answer for distance education applicants to prepare for their assignments or examinations. 

Generally, you can get hold of your coursework either from the online portal of IGNOU or purchase it from the regional center of your program. 


To conclude, we would like to say that the quality of distance education that you can get in IGNOU is astounding to the core. And you should go for it if you’re looking forward to completing your education from a distance. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us on our official website or book a free counseling session with us for any related queries or doubts. And we will make sure you don’t face any problems with your IGNOU admission.